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Akebono Tarō

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Wine collection
  • Akebono Tarō

    Colección de vinos para las bodegas del ex-luchadorde sumo y Yokozuna, Akebono Taro. En sumo existen diferentes técnicas para empujar, levantar y agarrar. La solución gráfica relaciona la capacidad de las botellas y su nombrea la contundencia de la técnica. A mayor cantidad, mayor fuerza de ataque.
    Wine collection for the cellars of ex-sumo and Yokozuna champion, Akebono Tarō. In sumo there are different techniques topush, throw and grab. The graphic solution matches the capacity of thebottles and their names with the strength of their attack. When the bottle is bigger the attack is stronger.

    Project for Fernando Gutierrez UK
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