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Ambient Electronic Album Art

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Presenting 4 electronic album concepts.
    Presenting 4 album designs, my aspiration is to work with music I love. Over the past few months I’ve been focusing on Electronic atmospheric music. A small section of what Ilisten to while working. 
  • ‘Lucky Shiner’ by GoldPanda; Atmospheric and emotionally resonant electronic music. Gold Panda often draws on a distinct if diffuse Asian influence, employing a wide array ofEastern sounds and timbres — bells, flutes, strings, chanting, percussion, etc.This and specifically the track ‘same dream china’ heavily inspired thedirection of my work. It struck me that a Chinese Buddha encompasses all of the themes within the album, fits with the title ‘Lucky Shiner’ and reflects the uplifting tone throughout the album.
  • Joe Synkro’s EP ‘EverybodyKnows’ is dark and extremely atmospheric. So atmospheric infact I decided to represent the title track by creatingan environment and atmosphere. The noise of trickling water is present throughout and waves of R&B vocal samples seem ghostly. I created a sunken and eroded room and wanted it to feel full of memories. The bokeh light effects and sunlight mimic the higher more uplifting overtones within the track.

  • ‘Four Tet’ is a bigname in electronic music and his fifth album delivered more uplifting experimental sounds. I find his music abstract and interesting, I love the contrasting sounds and drops in the album. My design is object based, different textures and colours to represent the various sounds. I used Dynamics, Cinema4D’s physics engine to then physically drop my objects and mimic the music.
  • Burial is darker still, a groundbreaking album that to me represents urban melancholy. His name is so apt and I wanted to produce an image that was simple and striking. Layers and layers of intricate shards hint to something buried. I decided to make the font quite ambiguous, almost hidden within the artwork. Nothing in this album seems solid or constant, the whole album sounds like a hazy memory.
  • For the projects in their entirety visit: @tomalexbuch

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