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Bernhoft Music Packaging

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According to the Artist the title Solidarity Breaks refers to the balance between opinions or personalities within the ego. We based our whole design on this statement and through the use of Bokeh energies were created. Endre Berentzen, Anti Inc Bergen.
  • Bernhoft
    Branding of the Artist & Music Packaging
  • The task at hand was to build a new image for the multiinstrimentalist Jarle Bernhoft and take this image out on his new release; Solidarity Breaks. Bernhofts signature was his characteristic glasses. We decided these should be a key feature on the cover image. Solidarity breaks, the album title, was the starting point for the cover images. According to the Artist the title refers to the balance between the person/ego and other people/ personalities in their life. We wanted to create an expression with focus on non-tangible energies which were reflected through the use of Bokeh. We shot the images through wine glasses which were lit by several flashes with colour filters attached. For the cover image we interpreted Solidarity breaks as conflicts between opinions/ personalities within the ego/ person.
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