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Bigelow Loose Tea

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This was a redesign on Bigelow Tea's existing design. Design is Copyright to me. The logo was taken from
  • Bigelow Loose Tea
    Package ReDesign

    Bigelow Tea is one of the many teas in the market that are appreciated and is regarded highly by tea connoisseurs. For the exceptional quality of its tea, I did not feel the existing packaging, that Bigelow Tea has for its range of Loose Tea, reflected the quality of the brand, the history and the tea. So I redesigned it, to give it a more old English feel and paid attention to the materials too that would preserve the tea well. 

    Each front label has a hint of colour to distinguish its own flavour. The back labels have images of tea pots to reflect the culture from which the tea originates. The lid inside, that I believe was vital because it double seals the tea and preserves its freshness, also has instructions on how to brew the specific tea and show a cup from the culture, as well as the family of tea to which it belongs.

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