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Brassicca Leaves

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A Roses Student Awards brief asking to make Sprouts the coolest Veg on the Planet.
  • Brassicca Leaves
    Making Sprouts the 'coolest veg on the planet'
  • Brussels Sprouts have got such a stigma attached to them that the only way to get more of them sold all year around is to create a new product. By stripping the leaves off of the Sprout, you get Brassicca Leaves that can be simply fried or eaten raw in salads. Leafy vegetables have recently increased in popularity and by removing the core of the Sprout, much of the bitter taste disliked by so many is also removed. Brassicca Leaves come in two sizes; small for the sceptics who need convincing and large for the lovers ready to embrace the new style. 
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