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Ekstra Modnet Gilde Juleaquavit

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This is the first version of Ekstra Modnet Gile Juleaquavit, a vintage aquavit that has been aloud to mature extra long in sherry casks.
  • Ekstra Modnet Gilde Juleaquavit
    Client: Arcus
  • Arcus and Brandlab worked closely on a concept of findingnew areas of use for aquavit. By building on the traditional and well knownGile Juleaquavit series the product was a new vintage series. The product isdeveloped as an option for after-the-meal situations around x-mas time, thenCognac and liqueur traditionally dominate.
    This is the first version of Ekstra Modnet GileJuleaquavit, a vintage aquavit that has been aloud to stray extra long insherry casks. This gives the aquavit an unique taste and makes it a perfectending of a x-mas meal.
    To distinguish Ekstra Modnet from the traditional GildeJuleaquavit and give it a premium feel, it comes in a different bottle and giftbox. The year, and main concept, is still the main focus to keep it in line withthe Gilde Juleaquavit series.

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