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  • Ermeidis Coffees
    Visual identity for a coffee company 
    in Thessaloniki, Greece
  • In 1922 Charilaos Ermeidis opened one of the most famous coffeehouses 
    of Thessaloniki. Today the company Ermeidis Coffees owns a factory and 
    a coffee shop in the city center.

    In 2011, as part of the renewal of the company, we were commissioned 
    to design its new visual identity. The image should reflect the history 
    of the company as much as the personal relationship of its people with 
    the coffee making process.

    Discussing with the client, we concluded that the portrait of the company’s 
    founder was a suitable solution. The human figure would add a personal 
    touch to the identity, while the founder symbolizes the company’s history. 
    Emphasizing the historic background, the lettering of the logo was inspired 
    by vintage shop signs in Thessaloniki. The color palette derives from 
    the coffee itself: the beverage and the fruit of the plant.

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