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Hathor Creamery

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Hathor Creamery is family company that produces organic dairy product. The company uses traditional friendly environmental procedures, that the solution of the identity was created in contemporary and clean scheme. The bold san serif typefaces were complemented with a sturdy design. Hathor creamery brand identity will change the viewers attitude towards milk in a new positive perspective.
  • Hathor Creamery
    Packaging | Branding
  • Hathor Creamery represents a group of environmentally conscious that shares the experience, knowledge and care for organic dairy produces. The concept was to repackage milk monotony design aesthetic through identity, color system and material. The identity was created in vintage style using a combination of various typefaces and colors that would shelf perfectly in a local market. Its glass and materials used for the packaging are 100% recyclable,which accomplishes an environmentally responsible product. Trailing down the milk aisle will leave a memorable impression when the consumer witness Hathor’s exciting product.

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