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Pre-Deconstructionist Frank Gehry Toy

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A limited edition Kidrobot 4" Munny doll designed by Frank Gehry. The doll is a fun interpretation of Gehry's favourite subject matter, fish, while the package harks back to his 1972 laminated corrugated cardboard furniture series, Easy Edges.
  • This project is a concept design of a collaboration between Kidrobot and the early work of the American architect Frank Gehry. It consists of a Gehry-inspired toy design and its package.

    I chose to base my concept around Frank Gehry's earlier, pre-Deconstructivist work because I did not think it is given much notice or recognition when surveying Gehry's entire body of work. His current post-structural architecture is just so striking and attention-grabbing that it is all you notice when you think about Gehry. I wanted to bring his earlier work the attention it deserves.
    I tried to incorporate his early projects into the concept in new ways—similar to the way Gehry uses known materials in unconventional ways. The doll is a more graphic, Kidrobot-appropriate interpretation of Gehry's 1980s fish lamps, while the package harks back to his 1972 laminated corrugated cardboard furniture series, Easy Edges.
  • Gehry is an advocate of sustainable design, and it was important that the package be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. (As all of Kidrobot's toys are made of vinyl, the material of the toy was unchangeable.)
    The structure has the fluidity of his architecture, but in the more controlled, rigid form of his early Modernist work. Both halves are made entirely out of cardboard pieces laminated with white EcoGlue. I designed the hinge to be part of the structure so that the pieces can affix to each other without any additional material or adhesive. The cardboard pieces from both sides can be fabricated from the same template, with pieces used for one half being oriented upside-down from the pieces meant for the other half.

  • The toy is made out of glow-in-the-dark vinyl so that it emits light the way a lamp would. The light glows through the graphic pattern of the fish lamp on the surface of the toy.

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