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Life is a recyled paper-made water container designed for Milano Expo 2015 presented to Comieco Expopack Design Competition in 2011. It is designed to provide an essential service into the expo area and the city of Milan: the free access and the use of public water. It’s a product designed to promote the reduction of plastic containers and a sustainable culture about water and natural resources. Several access points inside Milan and the Expo area will provide the container for free and the visitors will use it as a 1 day bottle, refilling it several times during the tour. Made by recycled paper, it doesn’t use any chemical ink or adhesive difficult to be recycled. A double stitch ensures the insulation from outside and give rigidity to the object. The green cord, that allows the users to bring it as a shoulder bag, is made by natural cotton and is wrapped around the paper body.
  • Life
    Paper-made water container for Milano Expo 2015
  • Life is a recycled paper-made water container designed for Milano Expo 2015. Despite recycling initiatives, there are still tons of plastic bottles being thrown into landfills. Life is a product designed to dissuade people from using plastic bottles with a one-day-use bottle easy to be recharged and recycled again. Life is made from recycled paper and it doesn't use any chemical ink or adhesives. The green cord is made from natural cotton.

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