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Moosylvania | Lose The Blues Mailer

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Promotional mailer for the company I work for Moosylvania. It is an aid kit emphasizing that Moosylvania can help their clients lose their economic blues.
  • The “Lose The Blues” kit is designed with a more light-hearted and empowering approach to the current condition of the economy. The Moosylvania cure includes; one nickel-plated diatonic harmonica, a folded pamphlet including a cordial letter and sheet music for the song "I Ain't Got No Insights" to sing and play along with. The look of the harmonica is inviting and nostalgic. It is reminiscent of how packaging looked in a much simpler era (just after the great depression). The designs’ intentions are to allow the recipient to have fun with their gift and feel welcome to contact Moosylvania for help with their digital, branding and promotion needs.

    225 kits were made by hand and assembled at the agency, the boxes were printed locally.
    "I Ain't Got No Budget" based on the song "I Ain't Got Nobody" by originally by Spencer Williams (Arrangement and Lyrics by Moosylvania)

  • Full Mailer Kit

  • Harmonica

  • Harmonica Box

  • Box Back and Harmonica

  • Pamphlet

  • Pamphlet Inside Fold one

  • Pamphlet Inside Fold Two

  • Pamphlet Back

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