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Müsli Packaging

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School assigment. We were supposed to make a package design for "Møllerens REN", a new fictional series of muesli. The muesli comes in three different types, original, blueberry and nuts. We changed the name REN (pure) with "morgenfugl" (early bird)

  • Morgenfugl Müsli

    "Early Bird muesli"
  • Group project at Westerdals School of communication. Group consisted of me, Hung Pham and Ole Martin Volle.

    We were supposed to make a packaging for "Møllerens" new line of (fictional) muesli, called "REN" (pure, clean). We decided to change the name REN, because it gave associations to cleaning products or water. We changed it to "Morgenfugl" (Early Bird) because this gave positive associations to being healty, waking up early and so on.
    The target group were females who were living in the city, 25+. They care about being healty and keeping the earth clean. They are also focused on their career.

    The product was supposed to be organic, so it was important that the packaging showed that or was made of eco friendly material. Our package is just a dummy, but it it supposed to be made of a 100% recycled paper.

    We decided to base our whole concept around the name, and below you can see the results.

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