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Payette Brewing Co. - Can Design

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Drake Cooper worked with an up and coming Idaho Brewery, Payette Brewing Co., to develop and design packaging for their first two canned beers. Working with in their established brand but progressing them forward was a goal we sought in this project. These have been featured on multiple websites already including,,, and
  • *For greatest effect read the following in your best Sam Elliott voiceover.
    When you take craft beer and put it in a can instead of a bottle, it means that more people can take it to fun places where they like to drink craft beer. Sounds like a pretty good deal for everyone. With this in mind Payette Brewing Company commissioned Drake Cooper to concept and design the first ever pop-top beer cans born in the state of Idaho.
    Typically, the inspiration behind the cans resides in the can, but beyond the liquid muse, there were cues taken from the Wild West spirit of Idaho, a destination for outdoor adventure and Payette Brewing Company’s home base. Design elements and evocative beer names like Payette Pale Ale, Mutton Buster Brown Ale and Outlaw IPA further this motif. As you indulge yourself in Payette’s craft beer goodness there is a chance of missing a few details at first glance. But upon closer inspection (or on your second can), you may notice a clever barcode bearing the shape of this great adventure state. There’s even a target on the can for a little practice before you recycle your empties.
  • 2013 Boise Weekly Bar Guide Ad
  • First two cans were launched Spring of 2012.

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