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Queen of the Meadow

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Queen of the Meadow is my B.A project.
  • Queen of the Meadow
    B.A. in Graphic Design


    Scented flowers in general are considered to be some of the cheapest products in the world. Greece, though, is famous for its unique herbs. The dry summer climate favors their growth in such variety. Herbs can easily be collected and used for its thin and rare scent. The excellent quality of Greek herbs is due to the extended sunshine in the country, their different colors and the various microclimate of each region. Some of Greek herbs, such as chamomile, wild tea, sage, thyme, oregano and basil are wanted and exported all over the world.
    Herbs are mostly sold in bulk in large flea markets and in some cases in a well designed package. They are offered and bought in every corner of the world. Here lies the question, why such a useful product cannot have a packaging it deserves. This is the reason why I chose to design a brand of biological Mediterranean herbs.
    Biological cultivation is a method of cultivating which uses little or none synthetic fertilizers and herbicides. In some countries, mostly in Europe, biological culture is defined by law, so that the commercial use of the term “Biological” can be checked by the government. Some kind of certification is offered to the farmers, which makes selling products carrying the characterization “biological” without this certification illegal and punishable by law.

    The designing part is divided in two parts, the corporate identity and the packaging. Packaging is also divided in two categories, the ones sold in retail and the ones sold in café stores. The retail packages are paper boxes which will be sold in stores with biological products or in selected supermarkets. The packages which are made for coffee shops are consisted of two kinds. A glass vase which can be used again aer the product is removed and renewable little bags. The packaging is based on illustration and typography. The illustrations are completely handmade, with black ink without any use of technology means. The aesthetic of the illustrations is nostalgic and indicate those of an old herbarium. For the
    typographic part I chose a very clear solution.

    The original concept was, colored illustration of herbs trying to remind something of an old herbarium with gravures. That was my main influence of the illustrations on my packages. Trying to make them look nostalgic I thought this technique was the most suitable one. Not knowing how to make a gravure I had to find another way of illustrating them having similar result. Wanting to experiment I decided to focus on dots. The procedure in the original picture based always on the gravures, I would create an image from many small dots. My materials were, pencil and rapid graph 0.3mm.

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