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SOLACED001, The Hybridz

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SOLACED001, The Hybridz - Tribal Ghosts EP
  • The Hybridz
    Tribal Hosts EP
  • The duo entitled "The Hybridz" was formed in early Jan 2011 and encompasses two simplistic minds from the furthermost corners of the earth - Australia & Brazil. Having only recently meet through, Jefferson's (Integration Now) release on Jamie's (Forge) label - Silk Recordings, the pair had very similar tastes in music and the direction they each wanted to take there own sound in. Before the name was even created they had already made their first batch of tunes. Not sticking to one tempo and experimenting with all types of time signatures and beat patterns "The Hybridz" stands for deep experimentation and a simple but melancholic and bass driven sound with no boundaries. Building on this concept and keeping to their own musical tastes and roots, the duo are set to take this project in any direction they wish by both drawing on their musical and cultural influences, which at this point are as diverse as the music they make.
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  • The Hybridz - Tribal Ghosts E.P (Preview)
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