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The Kraken Rum Redesign

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A fun and conceptual redesign of The Kraken Rum for a packaging class. I have taken this as a good challenge creating another good version of something that's already good, and to reinterpret my favorite mythical sea beast. The primary goal was to depict a new Kraken Illustration as part of the logo and bottle label in order to make the Kraken bolder, direct, and striking. It has been incorporated to the original bottle with a rubdown/color transfer technique to make the illustration part of the structure. Then, the original logotype has been preserved with minor changes on the new inline of the "Kraken" type to make it seem half submerged, and creating a lettering of the word "Rum" with the characteristics of the creature. To help present the new concept, a system of additional products has been added: a premium white rum, a clear box [to protect but show the product], a flask, mini bottles, and a sculpture to fully release the Kraken.

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