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VARIED Rec. / VRD005 - Little Five EP

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VARIED / VRD005 - Little Five EP
  • VRD005
    Little Five EP
  • Seethe moon as sun. Be separated and activated by unknown sounds. Survive hostileenvironments. Rebel against development. This is the world of the creatures ofNamib, who live a hidden life and are called the ‘Little Five’.

    Thestory about the five little animals, living in the Namibian desert, inspired usin our search for the title and theme of our fifth release. In contrast toAfrica´s well known ‘Big Five’, we´ve decided to focus on the less known. Wewere interested by the fact that each of the ‘Little Five’ – special species ofChameleon, Snake, Lizard, Spider, and Gecko – are part of a unique alliance.They survive in this hostile environment, because they stay together. Theydepend on each other. Somehow, this connection expresses our idea to make anEP, which presents all VARIED artists with their different styles. Together –in a way, a family thing.

    Title: Little Five
    Artists: Various Artists
    Format: 12“ Vinyl EP / Digital
    Releasedate: 01.06.2012

    A1Ordinary Subject – Hidden Life
    A2 Timo Kreissl – Home
    B1 SiD – 01
    B2 Graf feat.Goegler – Beyond Bliss
    B3 Unholded – Undam (Digital Bonus Track)

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