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White Fields & Perspectives - CD Artwork

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White Fields & Perspectives CD-Artwork
  • White Fields & Perspecitves
  • White Fields (Modern Hardcore, Germany) and Perspectives (Melodic Hardcore, Australia) realeased this Month their Split Ep.

    Inspired by the Lyrics of both Bands, i´ve designed the Artwork with the Concept of an Wanderer on his Way to find himself.  Here a few Notes which inspired me:

    - It takes a thousand miles
    - All you need to fucking know is that you always will be miles from home
    - I’m still lying here forgotten and alone
    - The stars won't guide me home, i always knew id end up alone

    I created the Artwork with Photographs, which i have taken on my Vacations at Gran Canaria (Maspalomas, Desert).

    You can download the Split-Ep for FREE here:

    Here you can see the final Result. Please let me know what you think!

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