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"World, Words, Lights/You" androp

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androp 1st single (double A-side) "World.Words.Lights. / You"
  • D&AD Professional Awards 2013-in book
    androp 1st single(double A-side) World.Words.Lights//You
    "World.Words.Lights." expresses the power of hope and lights that each words can give out in the world. "You" expresses the light that is in the darkness within. These two themes have opposite meanings to express inner and outer sides of oneself.
    Since the light is the theme of the song, the clear disc and film have been used. Moire effect is incorporated to let the title on the disc to disappear once the case is opened. Lyrics are laid out in a circle on the clear film. "World.Worlds.Lights." is on the outer side and "You" is on the inner side. Glowing ink lets it glow in the dark.
  • androp official website(JAPAN)

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