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hedKandi beauty product ranges

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HedKandi skin, hair and sun care product ranges
  • HedKandi Beauty Product Range
    Logo, Concepts, Design Direction, Design
  • Brief: 
    Take the HedKandi range of dance compilation CDs, famous for their Jason Brooks illustrations and flirty tone of voice as a starting point, expand this brand into a beauty brand as well. Target market: 25—35 year old affluent women who like to treat themselves to a little decadence every now and then (known as the splurger), aspiring to higher, more jet- social status.
    Brand Values: Lavish, Inviting, Flirtatious, Jet-Set & Uplifting.

    To avoid using the Jason Brooks illustrations to allow the brand to expand it's language and separate itself slightly from the music and aim for a more serious beauty proposition. Besides, the illustrations, although very beautiful and mature, lead the consumer to believe the product is aimed at a much younger audience then the target market.
    The idea was to create an aspirational product range that people would be impressed to discover you used and could afford.
    The look and feel should be 'exclusive' but the brand behavior and language should be 'inclusive'.

    Roles I played: 
    Conceptualising, Art Direction, Design Direction, Strategy, Design, Illustration, Logo Design.

    Creative Director, Kate Shaw.
  • Redraw of original logo simplified to work more effectively on smaller items
  • Chandelier logo to add an element of opulence and playful humor to all  products and communication
  • Skin care range, dialing up instant, classic Biba beauty cues
  • Prototype of final product using purple and gold infused blacks adding to the richness and range variety
  • Prototype of final product using a greater quantity of gold to differentiate between face and body
  • Render of final hair dryer product packaging. Design features hair illustrated by Jason Brooks. Hairdryer has wavy hair, straighteners have straight illustrated hair and curling togs, curly hair. Inner box is gold foil
  • Further development of additional ranges. These are more everyday
  • Prototype of everyday skin care packaging range
  • Further development of sun care SPF range
  • Prototype of sun care SPF range product
  • Additional range aimed at a younger audience. Ironically these didn't need to feature Jason Brooks illustrations because a new brand language had now emerged that was strong enough in it's own right to exist without the direct comparison to the CDs they originated from

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